These Celebrity Couples Make Us Believe In Love!

Hollywood is like one big family. Most Hollywood actors have had the privilege of standing in front of the camera or working on projects together. But besides work, love also plays a big role in Hollywood. Many celebrity couples got to know and love each other through movies! In this article, you will find out which of our Hollywood lovers are still happy together even after many years.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

The American actress Sarah Jessica Parker is best known for her role as “Carrie” in the cult series “Sex And The City”. But unlike her role “Carrie”, who is constantly looking for the perfect man, the actress found her true love a long time ago. Sarah Jessica Parker has been dating actor and singer Matthew Broderick, who has starred in films such as Glory and War Games, for over 23 years. The couple met through the actress’s brothers. Matthew Broderick appeared in a theater founded by the Parker brothers and met Jessica that evening. That very night the love story between the two began. Over 20 years later, the Hollywood couple is still happily married and has 3 children together.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick